Off-Ice Skating Technique Simplified

Getting time on the ice is a key component to perfecting technique and in-game performance, but with today’s level of competition, skating treadmill workouts offer valuable additional opportunities to separate oneself. However, for instructors, ensuring that athletes on skating treadmills are working toward an ideal on-ice stride is a challening matter of detailed communication. The Stride Matrix helps with this.

Using a unique laser projection, the Stride Matrix creates a visual template that attacks the primary issue skating treadmills. Skating treadmills tend to cause the skater to produce a more rearward push as compared to equivalent on ice skating conditions. With guidance, this effect can be negated. Providing this guidance is just what the Stride Matrix does.

But the Stride Matrix does more:

  • In addition to assisting in push direction, technique-driven coaches can far more easily teach proper recovery location.
  • Using a mirror, skaters can see and improve their match to the guiding laser lines in real time.
  • The lines adjust to accommodate low-speed skating (as in the first steps out of a start) through to top-end-speed skating so no part of the acceleration curve is neglected.
  • Integrates into any skating treadmill.


“Since installing the Stride Matrix we have seen our athletes really responding and enjoying the visual feedback that the Matrix offers.  The Stride Matrix adds another element for instruction for our athletes and our instructors are excited to teach with this great tool”

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The Long Term Benefits

Higher Performance

In the end, it’s all about what happens in the game. Watch your athletes develop faster and perform at a higher level out on the ice.

Save Time

Shorten the time it takes for athletes to understand proper technique and improve stride.

Provide Value

Easily teaching stride technique to athletes allows coaches and trainers to focus on other areas and provide more value with each workout.

Training with the Stride Matrix

The Power of Real-Time Feedback

Skating treadmills are tremendous off-ice training tools, but the physics behind skating on synthetic versus water ice has the potential to negatively affect an athlete’s muscle memory. Rather than pushing with optimal stride width, treadmills tend to cause players to push more to the back then they should. For athletes and trainers, it’s important to fight back against this habit to ensure technique is not regressing.

The hockey training experts at Competitive Edge knew there was a simple way to show hockey players how to push with the correct direction when skating. The projected lasers on the Stride Matrix, along with a mirror in front of the treadmill, is an effective tool for helping skaters understand precisely what instructors want from them in their stride on a skatemill. Further, being able to compare their push to the laser in real time is an invaluable training tool. With a dynamic system that is adjustable to incline, this tool can be used at all speeds and acceleration-curve simulation profiles to ensure continual progress.

The Stride Matrix has a high-tech look and makes an attractive addition to any off-ice training center that features a hockey skating treadmill!

The Team

From Stanley Cup champions to youngsters just learning the game, Andy Blaylock, Bryan Osmondson, and Scott Brokaw have worked with hundreds of hockey players across all levels of the sport through their revolutionary Competitive Edge training program. Their scientific and highly personalized approach to player development has generated outstanding results for their athletes on the ice. Having dedicated extensive time to correcting push direction for skaters on treadmills, these trainers came upon the idea of laser projected guides to help athletes visualize the correct form. Mere months after creation, the Stride Matrix has helped the coaches and athletes at Competitive Edge achieve quicker and easier results. They look to share this tool with other technique driven trainers and coaches to improve the game of hockey everywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this product cost?

The price is $4000. However, it can rise slightly if customizations are needed to fit your treadmill. Included are robust remote support and installtion guidance. We also offer in-person installation services and how-to-use classes for your staff at additional cost. Contact us to discuss options.

Do you accept payment plans?

We accept payment plans. Contact us to discuss in detail. 

What is your return policy?

The Stride Matrix can be returned within 30 days of delivery. After 30 days time, all transactions are final.

Is there a warranty?

Stride Matrix offers a three-year warranty on all components of the product. This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, improper alterations, accidents, or use in abnormal conditions.